Teacher Education and Lesson Study

 本SIGの略称TLは、Teaching & Learning(教授・学習)、Teacher Learning(教師の学び)、Technology in Learning(学びにおけるテクノロジの活用)、Teacher education and Lesson study(教師教育と授業研究)、Transformative Learning(変革のある学び)を表しています。

Representative Toshitaka FUKAMI (Shimane University)
Vice-Representative Masanobu SAKAMOTO (Nagoya University),Kanji HIMENO (Hokkaido University of Education)
SIG committee member Masanobu SAKAMOTO (Nagoya University)
Core member Norifumi MASHIKO (Gifu University),Ako IMAI (Gifu University),Mitsunori YATSUKA(Shinshu University),Nozomi SHIMADA (Osaka City University),Shiho Furuta(Otemae University),Takehiro WAKIMOTO (Yokohama National University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    Teachers are expected to be lifelong learners who research their practices throughout the course of their professional careers. Our special interest group has a mission that closely relates to teacher education and lesson study, and contributes, not only to creating lessons, but also to educational practices, in general. To this end, we set the following long-term goals.

    1. To propose a new model of teacher learning.
    2. To design methods to support and encourage learning among teachers and teacher groups.
    3. To identify why teachers’ practical research is important.
    4. To design methods to prepare teacher educators.
  • Major Activities and Achievements

    We hold study groups and workshops on teacher education research and lesson study several times a year to share information and learn from each other. Among the participants are researchers, administrators, teachers, and students.