Welcome from the President

Welcome to JSET, Japan Society for Educational Technology

Katsuaki Suzuki, Ph.D (The 8th President of JSET)
Director, Research Center for Instructional Systems,
Chair and Professor, Graduate School of Instructional Systems,
Kumamoto University, JAPAN  

Welcome to JSET, Japan Society for Educational Technology!

Since its birth in November, 1984, JSET has been a major academic society in the research and practice of technology in education, including theories of instruction and learning. JSET was born from the network of educational technology centers in Colleges of Education. Recently, JSET is attracting more researchers in diverse areas of study in higher education sector, who wish to make their instruction better by utilizing educational technology research outcomes, and to publish their own results as well. As of July 2017, the number of its members is growing and about to reach 3,000.

As the research area of JSET broadens, some researchers and educators begin to ask what the disciplines and methodologies of JSET are. To meet diversed needs of its members, JSET started to create Special Interest Groups in 2014, with three keywords: Flexible, Open, and Accountable.JSET welcomes creation of new SIGs to maintain its flexibility. SIGs are open, not only for all JSET members, but also with joint research activities with other academic organizations with simular interests.Year 2017 marks the first completion of SIG activities, to be evaluated by the board of directors for their continuation, for the next three years.

Currently, JSET has MOU with Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), exchanging visits of executives and representatives for our annual conferences. JSET has a long history of good relationships with China Association for Educational Technology (CAET), as well as with Korea Society for Educational Technology (KSET).JSET wishes to establish simular mutual relationships with other academic organizations throughout the World.

JSET has not yet been as international as we wish. However, our annual conference has International Sessions, where you can present your papers in English by becoming a JSET member. We have English journal, Educational Technology Research, as an open online journal at: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/etr, including its all past issues from volume 1 in 1977 archived.

We are looking forward having your participation and involvment in JSET activities, to help us become more international!