Instructional Design

Representative Mayumi Abe(Waseda University)
Vice-Representative Akiko Kai (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Core member Naoko Ishikawa (Hokkaido University), Yuriko Ishida (Polytechnic University), Hisashi Ichikawa (Iwate Prefectural University), Yuki Ichimura (Chiba University of Commerce), Mayumi Sugiura (Hokkaido University), Akiko Takahashi (Chiba Institute of Technology), Junko Nemoto (Meiji Gakuin University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    Instructional Design (ID) is defined as “a model or research field that comprehensively develops methods to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal of educational activities, or a process that realizes a learning support environment by applying them” . Although it is a field that has been developed mainly in Europe and the United States, related books are increasing in Japan, and at this society research such as utilizing ID theory and model (e.g. ARCS model) has come to be seen. We welcome those who are enrolled in other SIGs and hope to apply ID in various fields.

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  • Major Activities and Achievements
    • Research on Instructional Design
    • Introduction of overseas ID theory and research
    • Plan and implementation of ID related activities