Collaborative learning and the learning sciences

Representative Takeshi Kitazawa (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Vice-Representative Toshio Mochizuki (Senshu University), Hiroki Oura (Tokyo University of Science)
SIG committee member Hiroki Oura (Tokyo University of Science)
Core member Ritsuko Oshima (Shizuoka University), Etsuji Yamaguchi (Kobe University), Hiroyuki Masukawa (University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo), Ayano Ohsaki (Shinshu University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    The area of collaborative learning and the learning sciences focuses on research to transform our learning into a better practice based on the philosophy that knowledge is socially constructed. Many researchers and practitioners worldwide actively contribute to related journals such as the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (ijCSCL) and the Journal of the Learning Sciences (JLS) published by the International Society of the Learning Sciences. Yet, related research and its dissemination in Japan is not as active as other leading countries, and we need to change this situation.

    In our special interest group (SIG-06), we host experiential workshops (to try scaffolding tools and methods for collaborative learning), hands-on seminars (to learn lesson planning and assessment drawing on findings in the learning sciences), international seminars (to catch up with the newest trends and latest research with leading researchers), and field trips (to visit classrooms where design-based research is conducted). We also disseminate Japanese resources for related research findings and its methodologies in collaborative learning and the learning sciences. These efforts aim to connect people with interests in our areas and cultivate the community of research and practice in collaborative learning and the learning sciences in the area of Educational Technology.

  • Major Activities and Achievements

    Our SIG hosts voluntary research workshops and SIG sessions at JSET annual meetings to share recent topics, knowledge, experience, and achievements in the areas of collaborative learning and the learning sciences. We have published two Japanese handbooks from JSET-Collaborative Learning and CSCL(edited by Hiroshi Kato & Toshio Mochizuki) and Design of Learning: the Learning Sciences(edited by Jun Oshima & Hiroyuki Masukawa)-that introduce recent studies conducted in Japan (mainly presented at JSET annual meetings or published in the Japan Journal of Educational Technology) and provide detailed explanations on research methodologies in the areas. We have also hosted webinar series of Japanese translation of the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences (published by Kitaohji Shobo). Please visit our Facebook group page and our SIG website for more details and event information.