Procedures for presentation

Both members and nonmembers can make presentations and participate in our society’s study group. This page explains the procedure for presenting to a study group at the Japan Society for Educational Technology.

Step 1: Confirm the presentation application and manuscript submission dates.

 In order to make a presentation at the study group, both an application for presentation and submission of the manuscript must be submitted by the deadline.

 Click the name of the research group you want to attend on the top page of the research group, and the web page of the relevant research group will be displayed. Please check the dates on this web page.

 This study group does not accept applications for presentations after the application deadline has expired. Even if an application for presentation is submitted, we will cancel the presentation if it has not been submitted by the deadline.

 This is because the committee members of the study group have very little time to organize the presentation program and editing/printing of the reports which is over and above their main duties. Thus, we would like to ask all those who make presentations to cooperate with the deadline.

Step 2: Apply for presentation.

 The application for the presentation of the study group is made with the application for the study group presentation and the manuscript submission. Please follow the instructions and register the necessary information.

The information required when applying for this presentation is the title, abstract, author name, coauthor name/s, and contact information. Please note that we will contact you by email, so please be careful not to mistype your email address.

In accordance with the annual meeting rules, only one individual can present as a first author. There is no limit to the number of presentations under joint names.

 When the presentation application has been successfully completed, you will receive an email with the subject “Reception application for the study group has been accepted.” The reception key required for submitting the manuscript will be attached to this email. Please keep this email handy until the manuscript submission is complete.

Step 3: Make a presentation manuscript.

 Please read the sample manuscript (Word and PDF formats) and ensure that you prepare the presentation manuscript according to the prescribed format. Since Word format is compatible with Word 2013, if you open a document created in an earlier version, the positions of figures and tables may be misaligned, so please also refer to the PDF format. When using Word, it is convenient to utilize a style file. If the study group committee determines that the submitted manuscript significantly differs from the original manuscript, we may ask you to correct it and resubmit it at following study meetings.

Step 4: Submit the presentation manuscript.

 You can also submit the manuscript for presentation by submitting the application for the study group presentation/manuscript submission on the menu. Please submit the manuscript according to the instructions using the reception key issued at the time of application for presentation.

If the information registered in the system at the time of application for presentation changes, please correct the information at the same time.

 The file format of the presentation manuscript to be submitted is PDF format (size up to 10 MB). We will edit and print it in the reports, so please do not place security restrictions on the file.

Step 5: Modify the presentation manuscript (optional).

 A few days after the deadline for submitting the manuscript, if the research committee requires amendments it will send an email request on which part of the manuscript should be revised. This modification is optional.

 Please make corrections according to the contents of the correction request mail. The revised manuscript can be submitted as per the instructions outlined in “Step 4.”

Step 6: Make a presentation.

Please prepare the presentation materials to be used by the date of the presentation.

The procedure on the day of the announcement is as follows:

  1. For both members and nonmembers, complete the application form on the reception desk. Hand over the application form at reception.
  2. (This will take longer for nonmembers because more information them will have to be furnished.)
  3. Pay the attendance fee. If you are a member and have an annual subscription for the reports, you will only receive one report. The annual subscription fee for the report collection is not included in the annual membership fee.
  4. Before starting the session, please ensure that your device is connected to the projector and check if the presentation material is being projected.
  5. Make a presentation at the time allocated for your presentation. The holding time for each person is 25 min (including 1-minute turnaround time between presenters).