Enhancement of HP functions such as calendar and issuance of email newsletter

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As the third round of functional enhancements to the JSET website (HP), the following additions and enhancements have been made.

1) Reorganization of What’s new and JSET News on the top page

2) New conference calendar

3) Enhancement of the conference report page

(4) Addition of a function to issue e-mail magazines

The conference calendar, in particular, not only allows users to view the schedule of events related to the conference, but also includes a copy function to online calendars used by individual members. This reduces the amount of time and effort required to transfer the calendar from the conference calendar to personal calendars. In terms of management, when an event with a date is posted on the website, such as a research meeting, national convention, SIG, priority activity area, or international conference, it is automatically posted to the calendar. Reports of such events are also linked in the same way. This will reduce the amount of time and effort required by each committee, and is expected to enhance the calendars and reports.

In recent years, all the contents of the Newsletter have been posted on the HP, replacing the content of the Newsletter. In terms of functionality, the HP’s quick response capability allows each committee to post the latest information as it sees fit, and to announce it via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, to make it easier to obtain necessary information from the HP than from the Newsletter, the latest information can be grasped through “What’s new,” information can be grasped through the pages for each section, such as journals and research meetings, information can be grasped through the calendar, past events can be grasped through the event reports, and these information can be linked to each other. They are also linked to each other. It is becoming more convenient than a paper (PDF) newsletter.

Currently, each committee member is asked to prepare two manuscripts, one for the newsletter and the other for the website. This heavy workload has often been a problem. The Public Relations Committee has been preparing for several years to unify these two tasks in order to further enhance the committee activities and reduce the burden on the committee members who are busy with their main duties. Finally, the publicity through the website has been enhanced.

Therefore, we are planning to discontinue the Newsletter and integrate it into our website. In addition, we will issue an e-mail magazine mainly containing information on updates to the website. The first e-mail newsletter will be issued on a trial basis in February. After that, we plan to publish it every month. The last newsletter will be issued in March 2023, the end of the 19th term.

Since 2019 to date, we have made numerous improvements to the content and functionality of our website, as well as moving to a more secure server and increasing its speed. The discontinuation of the historic Newsletter has been discussed many times by the Public Relations Committee and others over the past decade. The Public Relations Committee has worked together over the past several years to prepare for the discontinuation of the newsletter, believing that it can only be discontinued if it is further enhanced, rather than simply replaced by a newsletter. We understand that the change may cause some inconvenience to our members, and we ask for your understanding.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Public Relations Committee.

Public Relations Committee Chairman Jun Takahashi