International Session

*: Eligible for Kenkyu Shorei Awards

International Session (1)

Oct. 11th 15:40 - 18:20   Room:A205
Chairperson: Yano, Yoneo(the University of Tokushima)

  • E1p-A205-01
    Real-world Edutainment for Learning Phenomena of Light
    *Hiroyuki Mitsuhara, Yasumoto Hirakawa, Masato Akatsuka, Naofumi Ise, Yoshitaka Nagano, Toshinori Matsui, Yoshiki Yamada, Kazuhide Kanenishi, Yoneo Yano(the University of Tokushima)
  • E1p-A205-02
    LV System: A Kanji Learning Facilitator System Based on Learner's Visual Cognition
    *Luis Inostroza(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Toshihiro Hayashi(Kagawa University), Hiroyuki Mitsuhara, Yoneo Yano(the University of Tokushima), Masao Murota(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • E1p-A205-03
    ePen - An innovative tool for teaching and learning Chinese calligraphy
    Chin-Hwa Kuo, Wen-Bing Horng, Ben-Huang Chang, Chen-Hsiang Chen(Tamkang University)
  • E1p-A205-04
    Development and Evaluation of a Multimedia Content Summarization and Recommendation System
    *Jie Chi Yang(National Central University), Shwu Ching YOUNG(National Tsing-Hua University)
  • E1p-A205-05
    Repertory Grid as a Learning Activity Design Tool for Training Observation Skills in Authentic Learning Environments
    Hui-Chun Chu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Ju-Ling Shih(National University of Tainan)
  • E1p-A205-06
    Developing and Practice of a Ubiquitous Communication Support System in a Conference
    *Hai Zhang(Osaka University), ZhuoHuan Li(, Takanori Maesako(Osaka University)

International Session (2)

Oct. 12th 9:30 - 12:30   Room:A205
Chairperson: Kageto, Makoto(Nihon Fukushi Universit)

  • E2a-A205-01
    Digital Storytelling by Future Teachers in “Mottainai” Project Based Learning
    Hitoshi Susono, Tsutomu Shimomura, Kagami Ai(Mie University), Eri Ono(Northern Arizona University)
  • E2a-A205-02
    Foreign Language Teachers' Narrative Reflection
    Cecilia Silva(Tohoku University)
  • E2a-A205-03
    Developing a user support model for online learners
     -Based on Salmon's five stage model and supporter-

    Keiko Noda(Ritsumeikan Trust)
  • E2a-A205-04
    The Role of Working Memory and Logical Reasoning in Academic Achievements in Universities
    *Takashi Sasaki(Keio University)
  • E2a-A205-05
    Memorization enhancement using mobile device
    Ken Ishigaki, Yasushi Ikei(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • E2a-A205-06
    Success Factors in Learning Initiatives with Mobile Devices
    In-Sook Lee(Sejong University)
  • E2a-A205-07
    Rebuilding the Research Framework of Educational Technology: Theoretical and Practical Efforts Made in China
    Zhiting Zhu(East China Normal University)