International Session

*:Presenter, **: Presenter eligible for Kenkyu Shorei Awards

International Session (1)

9/17 (Sat.) 9:00 - 11:00   Room: B206

Chairpersons: SASAKI, Hironori. (Chugokugakuen University) , MATSUI, June-ko. (Meikai University)

  • E1a-B206-01
    Development of a moral instruction lesson for information ethics concerning copyright to overcome ambivalence
    • * SASAKI, Hironori. [Chugokugakuen University],
    • MIYAJI, Isao. [Toyama College]
  • E1a-B206-02
    Students’ Recognition on Factors of Wellbeing
    • * NAKANO, Rumiko. [Osaka University]
  • E1a-B206-03
    Teaching Effective Use of Diagrams in Written Communication to Education Students
    • * MANALO, Emmanuel. [Kyoto University]
  • E1a-B206-04
    Group formation for peer assessment using item response theory
    • * NGUYEN, Thien.,
    • UTO, Masaki.,
    • UENO, Maomi. [The University of Electro-Communications]
  • E1a-B206-05
    Utilizing Discussion Board Management of a MOOC on Japanese Architecture to Enhance Student Learning
    • * CRUZ, Rianna.,
    • MORI, Hideki.,
    • CROSS, Jeffry. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
  • E1a-B206-06
    Collecting and Mining Difficult Phonetic Components Online
    • * MATSUI, June-ko. [Meikai University]