Research Conference

The Study Group of the Japan Society for Educational Technology

The group is held four times a year as a forum for discussions by people conducting educational technology research.
This study group accommodates both members and nonmembers who are conducting educational technology research.

The expected presentations in this study group are as follows:

  1. Presentation when completed to the level before paper presentation

    (If you want to submit your paper based on the discussion)

  2. Presentation at the mid-level of research

    (If you want to develop further research based on the discussion)

  3. Presentation at the time when a specific research plan was formulated

    (If you want to conduct research based on the discussion)

2024 Research Conference

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Presentation of the study group

If you are considering conducting a presentation at the study group, please see “Procedure for presentation” listed at the top of this page.As mentioned above, the discussion time is important in this study group, so the presentation time is set as follows:

  • A total of 24 minutes is allocated per person (presentation time 19 minutes, discussion 5 minutes)
    *The presentation time can be reduced if you prefer to prioritize the discussion.

Announcements in foreign languages

The study group accepts presentations in foreign languages by foreign students under the following conditions:

  • Only English is accepted a foreign language.
  • Please use Japanese language for online applications, manuscript submission, and email communication.
  • Manuscripts and presentation materials for the meeting are available in English.
  • No international session will be established. Please ensure that your presentation and questions are conducted in Japanese, or if you prefer to use English, you will need an interpreter to communicate in Japanese (interpretation services will not be provided by the study group).
  • If any the above conditions are cause for concern, please discuss with your academic adviser or collaborator.
  • For the manuscript format, please refer to “Procedure for presentation” listed at the top of this page.

Cancelation Policy

On the day of the presentation, presenters who have not been able to attend due to unavoidable reasons will be invited to present to a study group held within a year after the manuscript has been published.
This applies since the study group held in July 2011.

How to join the study group

The study group is open to the general public if the reports are purchased (1,000 yen) at the reception desk on the day.
Members of the society whose annual subscription fee for the research reports has been confirmed, can participate free of charge.

Recommendations for subscription

Every year the Society holds four study meetings as well as publishes research reports from these meetings. These research report books are distributed to members who have paid 3,000 yen in advance. Please make payment before the meetings.

The reports will be distributed on the day of the study meeting. These will be mailed after the study group if you could not attend the meeting. If payment is made in the middle of the academic year, the previous report collection which has already been published will be mailed after the next research meeting.

The annual subscription of this year’s report collection is as follows:

  1. Members: 3,000 yen
    Please send money by postal transfers from the post office.
    Account number: 00180-2-539055
    Subscriber name: Japan Society for Educational Technology
  2. Non-members: 4,000 yen
    Mainichi Academic Forum Co., Ltd., 9th floor, Palace Site Building,
    1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003 TEL: 03-6267-4550 FAX: 03-6267-4555