International Session Submission

 Thank you for your interest in the JSET international session. From this year, JSET would like to expand the international session, as we would like to hear from teachers and scholars overseas and have them share their fruitful experiences and suggestions in the field of ICT education. We hope this significant change will encourage mutual interaction among all the participants internationally.

・Procedure of the International Session
Presentations and discussions will be held in English.

・Research areas
1) System/Product Development and others
2) Lesson Study/Teaching Methods and others

・Discussion Grouping
The JSET program committee, in accordance with the keywords of your paper, will assign participants to groups.

September 21 (Mon.) 9:00-12:30
September 22 (Tue.) 9:00-13:10

・Condensed Written Summary
Less than two pages (refer to the template of JSET)
Sample Download site :
PDF sample :

※JSET does not accept “abstract submissions”. Please submit a two page “condensed written summary” by the deadline.
The submission of a two-page paper will mean you are automatically accepted to attend the international session without a referee.

・Session Procedure
Presentation time: 14 minutes.
Questions and Answers: 5 minutes.

・Check in
JSET Non members: At the reception desk for the International Session
JSET Members: Ordinary reception desk

・Deadline for the paper: July 7th (Tue.), 2015, 5:00 PM
Deadline for the Revised paper: July 14th (Thu.)
If you need to revise the paper after submission, please complete it by July 14th (Tue.) 5:00 PM, Japan Local time.

If you are a JSET member, please refer to the following URL

Fee (only those who live abroad)

All rates are Japanese Yen (at a Reception Desk)
AECT Member4500 yen4500 yen
AECT Student Member2000 yen2000 yen
Non AECT member6000 yen
If you are a non-JSET member who live in Japan, please refer to a table of fee at the following URL

・Reference and other materials (available at the reception Desk)
Reference Documents - 8,000 Yen
CD-ROM - 4,000 Yen
Lunch Box-1,000 Yen
Convivial party fee - 5,000 Yen.