International Session ※プログラムは暫定版です

*:Presenter, **: Presenter eligible for Kenkyu Shorei Awards


Sep. 15th (Sat.) 15:30-18:10   Room:教21

Chairperson: KAGETO Makoto (Nihon Fukushi University) , MATSUMOTO Kahoko (Tokai University)

  • E1p-教21-01
    The Use of Moodle-based Self-reflective Tool to Develop Teaching Models of Intercultural Competence for EFL Classes
    *Kahoko MATSUMOTO [Tokai University], Yukie KOYAMA [Nagoya Institute of Technology]
  • E1p-教21-02
    Designing an Ontology-based Mobile Learning System for Introductory Computer Science
    **Theresa Aimee AVANCENA [Tokyo Institute of Technology], Akinori NISHIHARA [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
  • E1p-教21-03
    Pre-stage analysis of first blended learning system in Island Kingdom of Tonga secondary school
    *Hans SOPU [Kumamoto University], Yoshifumi CHISAKI [Kumamoto University], Tsuyoshi USAGAWA [Kumamoto University]
  • E1p-教21-04
    Common and specific issues on implementation of blended learning for Indonesian university and Tuvaluan secondary school
    *Sary PATURUSI [Kumamoto University], Atufenua MAUI [Kumamoto University], Tsuyoshi USAGAWA [Kumamoto University], Yoshifumi CHISAKI [Kumamoto University]
  • E1p-教21-05
    A Cross-Cultural View of Educational Technology Acceptance
    *Nicolae NISTOR [Hiroshima University]
  • E1p-教21-06
    Are Digital Devices More Effective Learning Tools Than Papers?
    *Kanji AKAHORI [Hakuou University], Yasunori WADA [KYOCERA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS]
  • E1p-教21-07
    Effective English Presentations through Various Learning Environments
    *Makoto KAGETO [Nihon Fukushi University], Shinichi SATOU [Nihon Fukushi University], Gary KIRKPATRICK [Nihon Fukushi University]
  • E1p-教21-08
    Motivational Education. Postive Spiral Effect in Digital Class
    *Soetanto KAWAN [Waseda University]


Sep. 17th (Mon.) 9:00-11:00   Room:教21

Chairperson: YOSHIDA Masami (Chiba University) , FUJITANI Motoko (Center for Research on Educational Testing)

  • E3a-教21-01
    Curation for the Media Information Literacy
    *Masami YOSHIDA [Chiba University]
  • E3a-教21-02
    Attempt of Individual Counseling in large class on the Mechanical Design
    *Seiji KOMIYA [Kanagawa Institute of Technology], Keizo NAGAOKA [Waseda University], Kazufumi UDA [Kanagawa Institute of Technology]
  • E3a-教21-03
    The Effectivity of Peer Support in Countering Cyber-Bullying As Presented in a Junior High School Play
    *Kazuo TAKEUCHI [University Of Hyogo], Satoshi NOGUCHI [Kansai University], Kenichi KANAYAMA [University Of Hyogo], Sachiko TOMITA [Neyagawa Second Junior High School], Kaito ABE [Wesleyan University]
  • E3a-教21-04
    In-Service Training for Science Teachers and Teaching Activities: A Preliminary look
    *Motoko FUJITANI [Center for Research on Educational Testing], Satoru FUJITANI [Mejiro University]
  • E3a-教21-05
    Production of Educational Material for Foreign Language Classes
    *Cecilia SILVA [Tohoku University]
  • E3a-教21-06
    Creating a Listening Evaluation Scale for Japanese Learners of English
    *June-ko MATSUI [Meikai University], Nobuo YUZAWA [Utsusnomiya University], Ayako HASHIMOTO [Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University]