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Welcome from the President
  Welcome to JSET, Japan Society for Educational Technology
Junichi Yamanishi (The President of JSET)

Welcome to JSET, Japan Society for Educational Technology. JSET is becoming a major academic society in the research and practice of media and education including theories of instruction and learning. As the research area of JSET broadens, some researchers and educators begin to ask what the disciplines and methodologies of JSET are. While it is difficult to answer this question, it is possible to set up major research areas that JSET would promote. The following areas are authorized by the board of JSET.

Main theme
The promotion of Educational Technology Research, as well as highly-developed educational methods and educational systems.

Major research topics

 (1) Research on new educational systems and ICT development

For example, system development, educational application and evaluation of e-learning, educational application and evaluation of mobile and ubiquitous learning, development of in-service training methodology, development of high level teaching-learning system, etc.
 (2) Research on the development and promotion of high quality and effective educational methods.

For example, evidence-based research of instructional design, assessment and evaluation of teaching-learning process, and educational system development of higher education, lesson studies, curriculum development, utilization of ICT in education and its academic performance effectiveness, etc.
 (3) Systematization of educational technology research and practical research.

For example, systematization of research methodologies on educational technology, communization of educational practical findings, systematization of information education, etc.

We hereby declare the role of JSET in the promotion of research and practice in the field of educational technology, and sincerely hope that JSET serves towards educational improvement.

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