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Instructions for Authors
Revised October, 2010
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Prepare the manuscript on A4 paper using word processing software, formatted as it will appear in the Journal. Refer to an already published Journal for formatting examples. The manuscript should include text, figures, tables, and photographs in camera-ready format. One page should be approximately 730 words and formatted into two columns. When the manuscript is accepted, the author(s) will be requested to submit the manuscript both in paper and digital formats (plain text file). Original figures and photos should be submitted in camera-ready form, each on a separate sheet of paper with consecutive numbers indicated.

2.Number of Pages

Refer to Requirements for Submission for the limits of manuscript length. Figures and tables may require a larger size to make their text labels readable. The layout of the pages may require more space than what the authors anticipated.

3.Manuscript Heading

Print title,author痴 name,professional affiliation,and address. The title should clearly describe the content of the manuscript. Do not add numerical headings such as 哲o. 1. Subtitles are not recommended.


For Papers or Technical Information, a summary not exceeding 400 words must be provided in English.

5.Key Words

Authors should include five to six keywords in English for Papers or Technical Information.

6.Body of Manuscript

a. Introduction/Preface: Explain the experimental background and the reasons for conducting the research. In addition,include a summary of the paper and concicely explain the results.
b. Contents: Diagrams and tables should be used to explain the research method (experimental approach,analysis, etc.), results, research findings, comparisons to prior experiments, and preliminary considerations.
c. Summary/Conclusions: Provide concise conclusions and results.Itemized results are preferred. In addition,write down any problems to be solved.

7.Foreign Language

Besides proper nouns, translate foreign words as possible. However, when a word appears for the first time in the text, use of original term is preferred.

8.Figures, Tables and Photos

Number figures, tables and photos should be numbered as 擢igure 1, 典able 1, or 撤hoto 1. Insure that each figure, table and photo is properly titled.


a. List the names of the authors in alphabetical order at the end of the manuscript. Citations within the text should follow the following format: 套Yamada (2009a) reports or 套was indicated (Yamada 2009a).
b. References to journal articles should include the following in the order given: Author痴 name, year of publication, article title, full title of periodical, volume number (issue number as available), and first and last page numbers.
c. References to books should include the following in the order given: Author痴 name, year of publication, title, publisher, place of publication, and page numbers as available. Only references cited or referred in the body of manuscript should be listed.
d. When listing Japanese books or articles, write the romanized titles if they exist. If not, do not translate the Japanese titles into English but just romanize them according to the Kunrei romanization system of Japanese (ISO3602). Putting ISBN or ISSN is advisable.


Footnotes should be kept to minimum. If necessary, they should be listed together before the References with their proper location in the text indicated by raised Arabic numerals, e.g. 1), 2), etc.

11.Writing Style

In addition to being written in a clear and lucid style, authors should keep in mind the diverseness of the backgrounds and cultures of the prospective readers. Use Arabic numerals. Superscript and subscript symbols should be cited within the text.

12.Consideration for Other Copy Rights and Human Rights

The authors should insure that the content and description of the manuscript do not violate copyrights, human rights, or accepted research and ethical principles.

13.Procedure for Submission

Prepare the manuscript according to the above instructions and submit it electronically through JSET Web site.

a. Original manuscript: Includes author痴 name, affiliation, acknowledgements, text, figures, tables, photographs, and English title.
b. Copy: remove author痴 name, affiliation, and acknowledgments for reviewing purpose. For submitting for Translations, attach original paper written in Japanese.

14.Editorial Office of Japan Society for Educational Technology

Maruki-BLDG 1-13-7, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031 Japan

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