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Requirements for Submissions
Revised October, 2010
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(1) Publication

The Educational Technology Research Journal, English Version is published once a year.

(2) Manuscript Classification

a) Full Paper:
A Full Paper should be related to educational technology and is original in its research methods and results. The content of the paper should be reliable and beneficial to the development of educational technology and academic learning: Summing of newly obtained data, systematic report of practical research, development of educational systems, etc. Standard number of pages is eight. Extra charges for papers exceeding eight will apply.
b) Technical Information:
A Technical Information paper includes research, survey, educational system development, or educational content development that is systematically summarized and related to educational technology research information and results. Standard number of pages is eight. Extra charges for papers exceeding eight will apply.
c) Short Note:
A Short Note is paper about the results of new approaches, author痴 opinion, recommendation, or debate related to educational technology. Standard number of pages is less than six.
d) Review:
A Review is a review of a methodology, paradigm, or a current topic that is often made by an experienced researcher. This viewpoint should contribute to wide range of educational technology research. A Review is usually invited by the Editorial Committee.
e) Translation:
An English Translation of a paper that has been published in the Educational Technology Research Journal (Japanese version). The content must be identical and written in proficient English.
i) In addition, papers previously published in this Society痴 Journal (such as Letters or Short Notes), may be rewritten and submitted to the English language journal as a Paper or Technical Information by enriching its content with new experiments or further analyses.


a) The bulk of the submitted manuscript must not be
i) in the process of being submitted to any journal, periodical, or commercial magazine;
ii) in the process of being published in any journal, periodical, or commercial magazine;
iii) previously published in any journal, periodical, or commercial magazine.
b) However, an author may compile and submit a collection of academic lectures given at academic societies, conferences, or other oral presentations provided at international meetings.
c) The author should insure that the content and description of the manuscript do not violate copyrights, human rights, or accepted research and ethical principles.
d) The manuscript should be written in a manner that can be understood by members of the same field.
e) The author who acts as the contact person must be a member of Japan Society for Educational Technology.

(4)Handling of Submitted Manuscripts

a) Indicate manuscript classification to be reviewed upon submission: Paper, Technical Information, Short Note, Short Letter, or Translation.
b) The submitted manuscript will be examined by the Editorial Committee and handled in the following manner:
i) Accept
ii) Accept with revisions
iii) Accept with major revisions.
iv) Reject
c) In cases of conditional acceptance, manuscripts will be re-examined after the author makes adjustments according to the Editorial Committee痴 recommendations.
d) In cases of manuscripts that need to be rewritten, manuscripts re-submitted within four weeks for Major Revisions and within 3 weeks for Minor Revisions and Short Notes.


a) The Japan Society for Educational Technology automatically receives the rights to all accepted manuscripts.
b) The Society regards that not only the person submitting the manuscript, but also all coauthors accept this copyright policy upon submission.
c) However, the Society automatically allows authors to use their own manuscripts for academic or educational purposes without prior permission. Authors may copy, translate, modify, or deliver their own manuscripts, or send them via the Internet.

(6)Handling of Manuscripts and Expenses

a) When a manuscript is received by the Editorial Office, a notice confirming receipt will be mailed to the author.
b) After acceptance of the manuscript, notification will be sent to the author. The author is requested to submit the final version of the paper as an electronic file (MS-WORD, Ichitaro, or text file).
c) Authors are responsible for any fees needed to convert manuscripts that are in special electronic files.
d) Authors are responsible for any extra costs for printing figures and tables.
e) Authors are required to purchase at least 100 reprints of the manuscript when published. A separate print charge will be assessed. In addition, authors that publish more than the required number of pages will be charged an additional fee.
f) After the manuscript is accepted, proofreading will be performed one time by the author. No insertions or edits other than fixing typographical errors will be accepted.

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