Artificial Intelligence Application to Education

Representative Toshihiro KITA (Kumamoto University)
Vice-Representative Kazuhide KANENISHI (Tokushima University)
SIG committee member Chikako NAGAOKA (Kumamoto University)
Core member Tsukasa HIRASHIMA (Hiroshima University), Akihiro KASHIHARA (The University of Electro-Communications), Tatsunori MATSUI (Waseda University), Hiroaki OGATA (Kyoto University)

Although the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies developed in recent years are being applied in various fields, the applications in education fields are just beginning. AI technologies have great practical potential, for example, for the optimal implementation of the user interface with online learning systems, etc. On the other hand, todayfs common overevaluation of current AI’s, and imprecise understandings of what is realizable and where the limits and concerns about the AI technologies are, could impede the practical applications. Considering these aspects, our SIG aims to contribute to development of Educational Technology field.

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