STEM Education

Representative Yusuke MORITA (Waseda University)
Vice-Representative Norio SETOZAKI (Nagasaki University)
SIG committee member Norio SETOZAKI (Nagasaki University)
Core member Hiroko TSUJI (Meiji Gakuin University),Tadashi OHTANI (Tokyo Gakugei University),Yuri KIMURA (Gakugei Univ. Children Institute for the Future),Ryohei EGUSA (Meiji Gakuin University),Makiko TAKENAKA (Oita University)
Advisor Kenichi ARAI (Benesse Corporation),Hayashi NAKAYAMA (Miyazaki University)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is a new learning framework not only for interdisciplinary subject learning, but also for integrated and inquiry-based learning involving 21st century skills: problem finding and solving process, the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), presentation skills, and so on. STEAM (added Art) education has also been introduced in recent years.

The purpose of our STEM-SIG is to consider how to design, implement, and evaluate STEM education in formal and informal learning settings from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. To this end, STEM-SIG designs seminars and workshops once a year regarding STEM education. In addition, some plans of seminars and workshops are held with the other SIGs. We are waiting for your participation and cooperation in our learning community.