Informatics Education

Representative Hiroko KANOH (National University Corporation Yamagata University)
Vice-Representative Shiroh ITAI (Tsukuba Gakuin University)
SIG committee member Harumi HASHIMOTO (Setsunan University)
Core member Motonobu YASUTANI (Shijonawate Gakuen Junior College),Kazuhiro SUMI (Saga University),Yuki KAMIYA (Suzuka Junior College),Sakiko KASUYA(Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University),Mikiko NAKATA(Hiroshima Jogakuin University),Riko OZAO(SONY Institute of Higher Education, Shohoku College),Tomiya YAMAZUMI(Nagoya Bunri University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    AI, robots, and drones, which serve a variety of roles, are expected to become widespread in the age of AI. The role of informatics education is changing by the minute, such as in the necessity of education about new information ethics where, for instance, if you infringe upon the flight rules for unmanned aircraft, you will be facing a fine, but where things canft be put right just through punishment. Additionally, a number of smart home electronics, such as the Echo Show and Google Home, are becoming widespread and this is also generating problems such as information leaks. There is also an insufficient amount of instruction for the prevention of cyberbullying, which accompanies the spread of social networking services. At the same time, this is becoming an age where we can make effective use of an abundance of big data and it is absolutely imperative that we have information analysis and informatics education. Therefore, we have established this special interest group in order to systematize a standard curriculum for informatics education for the purpose of fostering an understanding of and ways of thinking about information technology while incorporating practical activities and closely examining the developmental stages of children with a holistic focus on the informatics education that will be necessary in the age of AI.

  • Major Activities and Achievements

    This special interest group carries out activities and projects with the aim of practically examining systematic standard curriculums and attainment targets for informatics education for preschoolers and first year elementary school students up to third year high school students and university students.

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