Game-based Learning and Open Education

Representative Katsusuke Shigeta (Hokkaido University)
Vice-Representative Yuki Fukuyama (Meisei University),Ryohei Ikejiri (The University of Tokyo)
SIG committee member Ryohei Ikejiri (The University of Tokyo)
Core member Toru Fujimoto (The University of Tokyo),Tomohiro Nagashima (Carnegie Mellon University),Yutaka Ishii(Waseda University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    The SIG-05 aims to energize domestic research of game-based-learning and open education in Japan and spread research achievements to the globe. The group offers information about cutting-edge trends and research possibilities in both fields, supports to build a research community and promotes research activities for disseminating research results internationally.

  • Major Activities and Achievements

    The group publishes “SIG-05 report” annually which consists of domestic and international study case studies and survey reports via online. Also, it offers “SIG – 05 Knowledge Forum” to share practices and resources of game-based-learning and open education. We also hold research meeting regularly in cooperation with other SIGs.