Development and Practice of Information Systems in Education

Representative Hironori Egi (The University of Electro-Communications)
Vice-Representative Masanori Yamada (Kyushu University),Nobutaka Hida (Benesse Corporation)
SIG committee member Kae Nakaya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Advisor Hiroaki Ogata (Kyoto University),Masao Murota (Tokyo Institute of Technology),Yasuhiko Morimoto (Tokyo Gakugei Universiy)

In order to accomplish researches on education and learning support systems, it is essential to tackle the researches with considering both development and practice. For that end, it is necessary to construct various methods such as knowledge of teaching material design, technology for development, experience of practice, knowledge of analysis and evaluation of learning logs. With this sharing of knowledge, SIG-03(SIG-SYS) will set up various opportunities for members to actually reach from the study of their research design to the submission of papers. This will aim at further development of research related to development and practice of education and learning support systems.

As a main activity, we provide not only the knowledge of related research but also the members bring research ideas and have SIG meetings to actually conduct research through participating the meetings. In addition, we hold a workshop as a place to connect system development researchers and educational practitioners and promote the development of collaborative research. In particular, research in related surrounding fields and research by young researches are greatly welcome.