Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Representative Hideya MATSUKAWA (Tohoku University)
Vice-Representative Chiaki IWASAKI (Kansai University),Yuki WATANABE (Tokyo University of Science)
SIG committee member Yuki WATANABE (Tokyo University of Science)
Core member Masayuki MURAKAMI (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies),Makiko OYAMA (Osaka University),Chiharu NEGISHI (Osaka University),Yuki ENKAI (Tohoku Gakuin University),Minori SHIMADA (Tohoku Gakuin University)
  • Our Missions and Goals

    The mission of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is to develop researches related to Higher Education and Faculty Development (FD) based on theories and practices. Therefor we try to activate and enhance the quality of researches and practices on Higher education and FD in the field of Educational Technology, providing opportunities where researchers engaging in Higher Education or FD can make presentations, communicate and enhance themselves one another.

  • Major Activities and Achievements

    For the mission mentioned above, we host FD workshop along with SIG-07, as well as host seminars on research content or research method related to Higher Education or FD. The SIG session in annual conference offers the opportunity where SIG members exchange their ideas about research and practices. Ideas and opinions created there will be taken in and succeeded to next seminars or annual conference, contributing to the sustainable development of this SIG.