Invitation to Lunchtime Seminar with Dr. Harmon

(The former President of AECT)

Considering the Next in Education: Technology as a Driver for Systemic Change

Date: Monday, September 19th
Place: B206
Time: 13:20-14:10
Language: English
Please bring your lunch with you.

Since we hosted the International Symposium in Gifu as a memorial event inviting presidents of the International Organization for ICT Education from China, Korea and the USA, JSET has established a relationship with AECT and the two organizations have enhanced the ties through exchanges of Memorandums of Understanding.

It is our great pleasure to welcome Dr. Harmon, the former President of AECT as a special guest speaker of this Lunchtime Seminar, respecting the agreements in the memorandum.

We are looking forward to listening to Dr. Harmon on the latest moves in ICT research in the USA and enhance our relationship with each other through a roundtable free-talk session.

Speaker: Stephen Harmon, Ed.D.
Professor, Professional Education, the Georgia Institute of Technology

Exponential growth in several general purpose technologies has triggered an unprecedented acceleration in the way we create, exchange, and process information. This rate of change has fueled changes in almost every aspect of society, yet education has lagged behind. Questions long facing higher education like what we teach, who we teach and how we teach, have new answers and are rapidly being superseded by questions like what should be learned, when does learning occur, and how can we help? This presentation will examine some factors influencing rapid global and societal change, and will seek to identify challenges and opportunities for our educational systems brought about by these changes.