Invitation to Lunchtime Seminar with Dr. Branch (President of AECT)

The Effective Use of Technology to Manage the Complexity of Intentional Learning Space

Date: Wednesday, September 23rd
Place: A402
Time: 13:20-14:10
Language: English
Please bring your lunch with you.

Since we hosted the International Symposium in Gifu as a memorial event
inviting presidents of the International Organization for ICT Education
from China, Korea and the USA, JSET has established a relationship with
AECT and the two organizations have enhanced the ties through exchanges
of Memorandums of Understanding.

It is our great pleasure to welcome Dr. Branch, President of AECT as a
special guest speaker of this Lunchtime Seminar, respecting the
agreements in the memorandum.

We are looking forward to listening to Dr. Branch on the latest moves
in ICT research in the USA and enhance our relationship with each
other through a roundtable free-talk session.

Speaker:Robert Maribe Branch, EdD
Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology
University of Georgia

This seminar is about using educational technology to facilitate student centered learning. While learning should be considered as occurring all the time, this forum focuses on learning that is intentional. Intentional learning can be described as a space where there is a mutually agreed upon set of expectations for the student and the teacher. Intentional learning is characterized by several participating entities interacting within a discrete period of time, while moving toward a common goal. Intentional learning is the essence of instructional technology. Instruction is both teaching and learning. The concept of instruction promoted in this session moves away from designs that encumber didactic, limiting, passive, singular modes of teaching, and instead, move toward designs which facilitate active, multi-functional, inspirational, situated approaches to intentional learning. The presumption is that intentional learning involves multiple, concurrent interactions among people, places and things, situated within a context, during a period of time, and thus, complex. A case will be made that the effective use of educational technology can manage the complexity of intentional learning space.