International Session

*:Presenter, **: Presenter eligible for Kenkyu Shorei Awards

International Session (1)

Sep. 20th (Sun.) 9:30 - 12:30   Room:245
Chairperson: Luis INOSTROZA CUEVA(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Pokpong SONGMUANG(Univ. of Electro-Communications)

  • E2a-245-01
    Learner's Visualization System: A Cognitive Study of Kanji Deconstruction in Beginning and Intermediate Kanji Learners
    ** Luis INOSTROZA CUEVA, Masao MUROTA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • E2a-245-02
    Measuring Cognition and Programming Aptitude in an Introductory Computer Science Course
    * Aimee Theresa AVANCENA, Akinori NISHIHARA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • E2a-245-03
    How perceived value and interest of VOD content can affect attrition and learning
    * Robert CVITKOVIC(Cyber University)
  • E2a-245-04
    Enhancing Lecture Video Navigation: A Smart Visual Timeline
    ** Ernesto RIVERA, Akinori NISHIHARA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • E2a-245-05
    Development of a Mobile Phone Research Support System
    * Song LIU, Douglass J. SCOTTI(Waseda Univ.), Yuuki KATO(Tokyo Univ. of Social Welfare), Shogo KATO(Tokyo Women's Christian Univ.)
  • E2a-245-06
    Dynamic Synchronization of Learning Contents among distributed Moodle systems
    * Tsuyoshi USAGAWA(Kumamoto Univ.), Achmad AFFANDI, Bekti Cahyo HIDAYANTO(Institute of Technology Surabaya), Meita RUMBAYAN, Toshiro ISHIMURA, Yoshifumi CHISAKI(Kumamoto Univ.)
  • E2a-245-07
    Automated Multiple Test Construction based on Bee Colony Algorithm
    * Pokpong SONGMUANG, Maomi UENO(Univ. of Electro-Communications)

International Session(2)

Sep. 21st (Mon.) 9:30 - 12:30   Room:245
Chairperson: Cecilia SILVA(Tohoku Univ.),Hitoshi MIYATA(Shiga Univ.)

  • E3a-245-01
    Foreign Language Teaching: Literary Texts for Beginners
    * Cecilia SILVA(Tohoku Univ.)
  • E3a-245-02
    Supporting English Course Using Mobile Phones
    * Noriko UOSAKI, Mengmeng LI, Hiroaki OGATA(The Univ. of Tokushima)
  • E3a-245-03
    Practical Study of ICT-Enhanced Learning in Primary Schools
    ** Hai ZHANG(Osaka Univ.), Kekang HE(Beijing Normal Univ.)
  • E3a-245-04
    Digital Portfolio Assessment in Japanese Junior High School English Lessons
     Learners' Appraisals and Improvement in Performance

    * Rika IWAMI(Kobe Univ.)
  • E3a-245-05
    Redesign of Information Morality Education
     Developing a Risk Management System to enable Parents and Children to take Responsibility and understand an Information Society

    * Hirohiko YASUDA(Shimonoseki Technical High School)
  • E3a-245-06
    Introduction to Foreign Students' Native Languages with the Use of Multimedia Materials
    * Georgios GEORGIOU, Maliya ABULIZI, Yasushi TSUBOTA, Naoshi HIRAOKA, Masatake DANTSUJI(Kyoto Univ.)
  • E3a-245-07
    EQUITV Project in Papua New Guinea
     Towards Sustainable Development in Education

    * Chieko SETA(Ochanomizu Univ.)
  • E3a-245-08
    Using ICT to improve classroom learning PERU CASE
    * Hitoshi MIYATA(Shiga Univ.), Marilu FIESTAS(Institucion Educativa N. 14382)
  • E3a-245-09
    Mashup-based Group Formation for Informal Learning
    ** Neil RUBENS, Mikko VILENIUS, Toshio OKAMOTO(Univ. of Electro-Communications)